Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day?

What is your ideal Mothers Day? Does it involve spending time with your kids, and spouse? Do you do anything for your mom? Does your husband do anything for you or his mother?

I ask this because I think the lines of this day get blurred. So lets just say you have a mother who is you spend the day with her? Maybe a grandmother? Or whoever you felt is the woman who raised you and acted like your mother? I spent yesterday with my mom, it was a nice afternoon with me and her and some of the kids. Today she was with her mom and if I had a car I think I probably would have been there too. But here is the thing that blurs the lines of Mothers Day for me...... I spent it with my kids, I made them pancakes and then we were just here. THAT'S EVERY FREAKING DAY lol so what the fuck is Mothers Day? I love my kids to death but ummm yea if that is what mothers day then that's every day! I'm pretty sure my mom loved all the heart felt crafts that me and my brother made her year after year lol and considering they were the same crafts sometimes she is the most amazing woman on the planet to smile year after year at me and my brother.

Hell the crafts my kids made me are the same stuff that I made my mom oh so many years ago! Teachers need to pull from a new lesson plan on that one!

Here's how I think Mothers Day should go

1. No kids

2. No spouses

3. A drink of some sort that refills on its own when its empty.

4. Bubble bath, hot shower, hot tub, pool, beach.....(pick your poison)

5. And the one thing that makes you happy. And I don't mean your kids, or loved ones. I mean that something you do when all those other people aren't around.

Honestly I want a day to myself. I don't need to spend MORE time with my kids I see them every freaking day! I don't want to hear the word MOM at all on Mothers Day.

I think I'm going to put that plan into effect next year. Maybe send the kids away with the hubs. I'm pretty sure on Fathers Day he's going to want the same respect. Then again its Fathers Day and isn't every day the day the daddy does nothing anyways?!


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