Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Never Again.

As a parent I make a lot of mistakes....its natural I accept it and move on. No one is perfect and if you are then suck it! But this past week has made me question my trust of other people, those who are in charge of  children's lives including my own. But lets start at the beginning here.....

My son Wolverine is 7 going to be 8 next week, he's my linebacker my crusher with a soft spot. I love him to bits and pieces. He's got this smile that melts's proof

But behind that endearing smile and chubby cheeks is the ADHD monster. At first it was just problems at home, made me question my sanity at times. The mood swings the meltdowns the neverending energy and then the crash at bedtime.

Kinder was a breeze for him but I found out he had a "yeller" for a teacher. At first I thought it was a lil harsh for a kinder teacher yelling at all those lil kids but as I would soon realize its what Wolverine needed. Cut to 1st grade and this is when all the problems started now of course we were already having them at home but now it was showing up at school. The teacher he had was wishy washy, I couldn't stand her! I'm sure that she was well meaning and wonderful for other kids but I was going through my gruff stage when I needed/wanted things done and needed a strong person to keep up. I had at this time suggested to them perhaps testing but due to cuts they now have a process where they try to use intervention first instead of testing. I was ok with that at first, it was towards the end of the school year and I thought that maybe with a new teacher things would improve.

This year has literally been hell on earth....I don't always talk about Wolverine as much because I just don't know what I'm doing half the time. He's a whirlwind of emotions and rage and tears, its a scary process sometimes watching him go through all of that. This year we got what I thought was a godsend of a good Vice Principal who was willing to work with Wolverine one on one. He took him under his wing and things "seemed" to get better. But this is when the notes and calls started, all that took place needs to be another blog because its just so much.

So we'll jump to this week.....Now those of you who I talk to in IRL know a lil bit about Wolverine and how he's been the destroyer of classrooms and books and how his teacher ripped up his Easter basket and the crazy bitch that she is. Well I find out that yesterday he spent all day out of his classroom and refused to go inside. I found this out from my daughter...not the school or his teacher. To say that I was livid is describing it as nice as possible. I went off on this guy! Asked him if it was NOW time to test Wolverine....and STILL he said it wouldn't be a good idea. I ranted to him again about how everything he was already doing with him would and shouldn't be considered special needs services. This man is basically his shadow! To where he replies to me the words that I will never ever forget....."well have to done a written request to have him tested?" It dawned on me that no matter how well meaning this guy is that he did not have Wolverines or my best interest at heart. He is a school official and has budget and costs ingrained into him, of course all the other times I requested testing he would say no. He has to see that Wolverine has a problem but refuses to do whats right for whatever reason.

So today I served them with written notice requesting testing I know by law we at least have to have an assessment plan in place before the end of the school year. I refuse to let my judgement as a parent get clouded over someone who seems well meaning anymore. Everyone has their own agenda we all just hope its the same as ours.

Lesson learned.....but NEVER AGAIN


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