Tuesday, May 24, 2011


In this house I'm all for speech, free speech, new speech, improper speech....you name it I love it. But only because Racer used to not talk at all and that really sucked. I know right who would have thought that? Being a parent sometimes all you want to shout is SHUT UP lol I swallow that feeling and welcome the speech! That was until WHAT?!

O M F G!!! WHAT?!

Yea that's all I hear now a days WHAT?! I don't know which one of my brats started it and if I ever find out I will hug and kiss them  NO I will murder and maim them and hide their toys! WHAT?! So here it is WHAT has become the evil tool my kids used to annoy Racer at first, he'd ask them something and they would say WHAT until he started screaming at them and then I started screaming at them (and by screaming I mean talking to them in a peaceful manner) NO fuck that I mean screaming. WHAT?! Then jump to Racer using it on PigPen and OMG when she screams she is literally waking the dead and calling all the dogs from 3 counties over. WHAT?! That is where I have to put a end to the "WHAT?!" because its not that I'm babying PigPen but I'm saving my eardrums from bleeding, blood is so damn hard to get out of clothes! WHAT?!

Cut to the other day and "WHAT?!" was used on me!! Apparently they have learned lil about driving their mother crazy and must think its funny to see me explode. Racer may not be big on expressions but he understands the "look" and stopped. WHAT?!

So I'm not sure how long "WHAT?!" will stick around but..... WHAT?!

To coin a phrase from my ever loving Grandpa  *mutters* "damn kids"



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