Wednesday, December 1, 2010

YuckMouth Baths

Bath time at the YuckMouth word HELL. Not only do I feel like I have a river of water at the end of the night but I need fishing boots when its done to wade through the water that has collected in the bathroom. But its the youngest YM's bath that I hate most of all. The struggle, the screaming, the crying all of it is just to much some times. I think I want a carwash and just run the kids thru all that.....perhaps throw bubble bath in the pool?

Racer still won't come in the bathroom while the water is running in the tub and once in wants to only play but now that its colder we can't just have playtime its strictly wash and rinse. Then I have his youngest sister who will scream and cry and flop out of the tub like a wet seal only because older brother has a hard time with baths.

I guess it could be worse....we used to have to sponge bathe Racer, he wouldn't get anywhere in or near a tub. We were lucky to just get him in the bathroom let alone naked. Issues across the board with water. So here I sit soaking wet...writing this blog before I get the ever loving forgetful block I get.


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