Saturday, December 4, 2010

Its all fun and games till somebody stims

I consider Racer very lucky, he has never had many stims that are noticeable. His major one is finger ticking which he hides very well unless he's beyond a certain point. He's never flapped his arms or stared at ceiling fans for hours. But recently that has all changed, I've heard bird calls of the squawking  variety, he's rocking at times and the screams oh god the screams.

I've started to crave the night hours and school hours and dread weekends. And of course when Racer is squawking Pigpen thinks its funny and joins in and then I have two lil loud birds. (my kingdom for headphones like YM daddy)

So what to do?? Me and YM daddy have been racking our brains trying to figure it out. Perhaps the 5 day weekend from hell? The change in the sleeping routine because of YM daddys new radio show? Or is it what I've always said and its Racers school?

So as I sit here and eat brownies and think about how its suddenly taken a turn for well maybe not the worst but it surely isn't better. I wonder how we will figure out how to solve this problem. (I'm still here btw eating brownies and not blogging)

But here is my theory I know stims are like his body's way of dealing with things. Things I know I have tried to prevent. The over sensory issues to lights and sounds and water. But with 7 YuckMouths that can sometimes be hard to do. I know all my kids have their limits but Racer reaches his sooner then the rest of them. I have talked to the YM teens about helping out more to prevent these overstimulated times, like between 6pm and bedtime. It never fails that 6pm rolls around and I hear the screams of Racer or the bird calls. And since I can't very well lock the rest of the YM's away we all have to learn how to deal with Racer and one another. Loud or not we have to figure out what went wrong and when. Hoping maybe that the stims will lessen and go away, maybe new ones will appear and maybe they won't. But in the long run I guess it could always be worse.

So here it is 11pm, its finally quiet I can hear myself think again and that darn tray of brownies is laughing at me. And I have to remember that "After all tomorrow is another day" ( I love Gone With The Wind)


Big Daddy Autism said...

Our experience has been, when one stim goes away another starts. Sometimes that's good and sometimes you get a maniacal laugh. Right now we are in stim hell with my son's maniacal laugh. Oh boy, I can't wait for the next one. I just pray it's a good one this time.

RacersMommy said...

I'm right there with you on that one, I'm so not enjoying the seagul sounds. lol I wonder how it will go over at Christmas

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