Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random weekend and the Rain

After last week I was ready to just punch someone in the throat. It didn't really matter who preferably some random stranger or criminal. The whole YM house was tired and over worked and just run down, Racer was stimming all over the place and the screaming never stopped it seemed. The weekend rolled around and for once the entire house slept till 930am or so. That's when I know my YM's are tired, they sleep in and that almost never happens on a weekend.

I'd have to say for the most part it was a quiet weekend, we snacked and watched movies. I went out with my mom and 3 of the YM's for a lil grandma day. We haven't done that in a while and the kids love seeing her and spending time with her and I love getting out of the house for a bit. The day went well with my mom but I've come to realize that I need like one of those stupid looking leash things for Racer. He doesn't wander around or even leave my side but he has a really bad habit of taking off if we split up. He does it every time and I know where he's gone but if he walks off with whoever left he doesn't say anything to them just follows silently behind them till they notice he's there. Its scary at first because he tends to be very quiet when we are out unless he's got a million questions for you all of which he wants honest answers for. Secretly its part of the reason I don't always enjoy taking him places with me. He's a great listener and follows the rules but in this area his judgment gets the best of him and maybe he figures that he's not wandering off if he's still with an adult he knows.

Which brings us to sunday night, Racer is tired from the long day with me. We still had to do prep for YM daddy's radio show  (shameless plug)  blogtalkradio.com/securityfiles . He did a show about autism and the movies if anyone following is interested in listening to it.  So everything went well, then the freaking rain hit! It was a full on storm, pouring rain thunder and lightening and if you know Racer at all he thinks that thunder is the Dinosaurs. He's progressed in this area somewhat, last year I wasn't even allowed to leave the house if he heard thunder outside because he didn't want me to get eaten. Now living in Cali we don't get that much rain but when we do it tends to pour. And the thunder was really bad, every time he heard it he was running around whimpering I couldn't get him settled at all. He could see the lightening and freaked out, I really need to get him some blackout curtains for his room. Perhaps a mp3 player and some headphones, he really used to enjoy the rain its sad that its turned on him in this way.


tence1 said...

i kinda blame myself for the dinosaurs...lol

RacersMommy said...

Yes you should! I was going to blame you too but decided otherwise.....so kind of you to take the blame.

Caryn said...

I wonder if he would do well with one of those (significantly annoying) meditation CDs that has a gentle rain in the background while classical music plays? No thunder, just the white noise of the rain?

RacersMommy said...

Maybe, that's a good idea!

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