Friday, February 24, 2012

Yoohoo!...I'll Make You Famous

So here we are, another day another blog. Its been a busy few weeks I have tons of ideas floating around in my head. Real life drama going on through the interwebs....twitter trolls harassing me and friends. If it wasn't so funny it would be annoying. I mean how many times can you tell someone that they are wrong?

Any feeling like a minor or back in high school, I have gone to some dark places on twitter. Some of which I am proud of and some of which I am not. In any case it should be known that I will defend myself and my friends till the very end. 

Yes I know what your saying to yourself "Lisa...why not block them?" "Why engage them?" Well here is the thing, I have blocked them, and I have ignored them. Then the day comes along and the damn bursts and I just can't help myself. Plus do you know how easy it is to just get unblocked?....all you have to do is delete the account. That's it...delete and then come back and all those people who blocked you, well those blocks are gone. There have been way to many accounts created in order to mess with all of us, and here's the thing, its not ever going to stop. Even after the law has done what it needs to and all is said and done, there are still going to be crazed trolls who want to just spew hate and lies.

Soooo, now to the point of the blog. It had come to my attention that there was a blog out there showcasing some of my greatest hits, or shall we say tweets. lol  To those that know me won't be shocked, to those that wonder why I would say such things you would have to ask the blog owner. Whoever posts them just posts the tweets out of context and no explanation as to why I said what I said. Its funny YOOHOO

lol let them know the Queen of Vile sent you.


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