Monday, February 6, 2012

The Character of a Business?!

As you all know I've been in the middle of a bully/name calling battle with A4CWSN. It hasn't been pretty, I haven't enjoyed myself and when all is said and done I have done what I can to be above it.  But at some point after my private info being shared online, its gone down hill from there.

I've tried to shy away from the financial aspect of it all BUT I can share with you a blog that you can get all that information from. She's done a great job of bring forward what you all need to know.

So where to start? First off, I felt a kind of personal victory the other night....think about a week ago when I saw this

I have a point here trust

Now, all that being said, I felt bad...because while I feel like a personal victory was won it was won at a cost. That night I went to bed thinking about all that has happened at this point, I slept well for the first time because I thought it was over. 

Sadly I was mistaken....The above farewell speech is very long winded and I only pulled parts of it, you can find the full version here. This is my problem...while we all thought he was gone, we carried on life. I didn't tweet the A4CWSN, I didn't @ them in any way. There was no need to until this happened.

See that tweet right know the one calling me and others child porn supporters? Want to know what the hell he is talking about? Go here, because while we were all duped into thinking that JB was ok, we found out he wasn't. BUT you can also go here and see that A4CWSN had no problem taking money from him. Yet bashes us for "supporting" him.  This is what comes from the man that wants to  become a business. Not sure about you but I think I'd expect more from someone who wants to support other SN parents and expects money from others. 

I "think" I would expect them to be able to rise above it all. I "think" that if I told Coca Cola that their soda tasted like swill and it ruins people brains, they wouldn't come attack me on twitter of facebook. Hell I might be wrong but I assume that they have the ability to rise above it all.

But this is my last and final problem, this is a special needs community, brought together for the sake of our children, torn apart from the greed of one man. A man for whatever reason feels the need to threaten, defame and otherwise harass other parents for what?....boredom?

I say this because there are still major developers and companies who follow this page, who support this page. What does it speak to your character? What does it say when you say nothing? What are you saying about yourself and what you sell when you are supporting a fraud and a bully? The lies and harassment have NO you can see for yourself, even after a farewell doesn't end.


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