Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Monster Among Us

There is a monster among us, a lot of people know him by a few names....JB, Jeremy Brown and as his twitter handle @techieteacher. He was part of many twitter chats that most people found informative and useful. People trusted him and put their necks on the line for him, they also stood up for him in recent online arguments between him and another person on twitter.

But what shocks me to the core, what makes me want to lock my kids away forever is this article.....  ....I can't even write in a decent link tag.

In this first blog back from being away I think its important to remember, that not all people working with our children are God's gifts. But there are some out there...lets not forget that either.

To those fooled by him and his " greatness" let it be known that he was good at what he did and that was lying. That could happen to the best of us, and we can't beat ourselves up about that.

Its not enough for me that he was caught, it won't ever be enough for me that he will go to jail. Nothing will ever be enough for what he could have or has done to any child.

There just aren't enough words....


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