Friday, September 21, 2012

Damn the Points

I remember it like it was yesterday. Standing in front of class in the 4th grade, being made to walk back and forth to my desk because my teacher asked me if I would always be this slow. Being taunted and I remember crying. I can recall that moment even now at the age of 34. I remember my mom asking me what had happened and some of my friends telling her what had happened. I think back then kids were a lot nicer, yes their were bullies but nothing like today's kids.

Yesterday Racer sat in class and peed in his chair. Not because the teacher wouldn't let him use the bathroom, but because she has a points system. The kids earn and lose points for certain things, losing points for say "using the restroom" is one of them and the reason why Racer sat there and willingly peed his pants. You see, regardless of Autism he's a super competitive child so it seemed totally worth it to him to just sit there and pee. But because of Autism he thinks its ok, to him a rule is a rule and he wants those points, willing to do whatever it takes to get them or not lose them.

This is not a world I want to raise him or any of my other kids in. To harm at any cost to get what they need. Its hard enough for him to make and keep friends, now he is the pee kid *lets hope not*.

So we're headed off to ANOTHER meeting with the principle and his teacher. It hasn't been a good year so far for us...but that's like three other blogs to write lol.


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