Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Minecraft ~~ Virtual Lego's For The Soul

So the family has fallen for the Minecraft...and we've fallen HARD!!!

Lately Racers been stimming and wiggy for so long neither one of us knows up from down anymore. If he's not sucking his thumb, he's standing on his head or stammering with his words. I had originally thought it was from a tooth he cracked but its not. So while I'm still knee deep in trying to figure out what's wrong with him, I'm also trying to figure out how to help him regulate. Not for my own sense of normalcy but for him but I don't think HE can think straight, let alone anyone else.

Which brings me to Minecraft. I had resisted for quite a bit, I'm a gamer and when it came out on the 360 I had to ignore it for the longest time. I knew it would be a soul sucker, that the hubs would become a Minecraft widow and the kids would starve and become motherless *I am not joking here either* But the other day the hubs broke the drought and bought it for me.

Day was all a blur, bought the game around 6PM I think 12hrs later I was still playing that damn game.

Day Two.....I managed to stay in reality. I refused to play because I saw what had happened the previous night. But between me and all of you IT WAS ALL I COULD THINK OF ALL DAY!!!

I had it bad.....real bad.

Day Three......played again, this time I got to play with a long time e-friend of mine. She played with the rest of my clan *yes I said clan* and I. We had a blast and once again up till the crack of dawn.

I'm on Day Four and already going through withdrawals.

But here's the thing, on day one....Racer was as still as a freaking mouse, he was quiet and in tune with what I was doing. By day two he was ready to play with me, so we logged him into his acct and let him play. He was already building castles and crafting tools all on his own. It gave me pause, here is my 6yr old son doing this, he was sitting still and working and building. Using creativity to create his own world here, mind you we've had our bumps. He doesn't like playing with to many other people and he REALLY hates when you go in his house. But its teaching him about cooperative play, learning to share and coexist with others. 

I was thinking about it last night and its kind of like virtual lego's in a way. But here there are no little sisters to take his lego's, no older brothers to destroy his creations. Its his world and no one can mess with it. 

But if I thought I had it bad, man oh man...the kid is sleeping with his xbox controller under his pillow. From wake till sleep its all he wants to do. I have to force mealtime, bath time and sleep.

We've got it bad!!!! Wonder if there is a 12 step program for this?


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