Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Family In Need *St Aubin Family*

I have to admit something readers, I'm at a loss for words. Usually they just flow through me, to be poetic or meaningful, truthful and daring, sometimes even funny. But recently I have been at a loss. You see I have a friend who is very dear to me. She has helped me more times then I can count, she is an inspiration  to me and to others.

But you see this friend needs our help, I want to share with you a few links so you know the story. First I need you to read this post. Its important to the main story of all of this, as to why our friend needs our help. Now you can hop on over to Living with Logan and read her wonderful post.

You see Jackson is set to have major brain surgery in a few weeks. As a mom I can't even imagine what Gina must be going through, but as a mom I also realize that I can do my best to help her and her family with anything possible.

So here is what is happening. We bloggers want pictures, cards, banners, posters, videos anything fun and outrageous sent to the St. Aubin family. We want to totally make Jackson's hospital room over when he is ready for it. We want him to see bright colors and dinosaurs and trains, rainbows and balloons! 

Grab your kids, crayons, markers...and yes posibiliy your wallets and lets do the St. Aubin Family proud!

Send it all here!!

Cards/care packages/ letters:
Special Happens / St. Aubin Family
 9609 S. University Blvd., #630303
 Littleton, CO 80163

There is also a facebook page that you can follow to be updated with all the information of the family you can find it here Jackson's Journey

In addition to that we thought some care packages for Gina's other children and herself and husband would be wonderful gestures, as this is a entire family in need. If you have questions regarding that feel free to message me either here in comments or on my Facebook page.

What I've decided to do is raise some money to send to her family. I am going to do that with my jars with a sales event I'm calling "Jars for Gina"

Used as an Example

Proceeds I get from all orders tagged with "Jars for Gina" will go to the family for their expenses in their time of need. Head over to the page Jars By Lisa and lets help this family in need!


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