Sunday, September 25, 2011

Out of Necessity an App is Created ~ Kyle Tomson of Mobile Ed Store

I had the great fortune to speak to Kyle Tomson today, he is the founder and President of Mobile Education Store. But first and foremost he's a dad and like most of us struggled to get help for his daughter, and after spending lots of money on useless apps that never quite fit his daughters needs he developed his own. After losing his job in 2009 and having tons of time on his hands, decided to take the fate of his daughters education into his hands. In the three months that he was off he learned all the coding it would take to do the apps  and Mobile Education Store was started. Now he has two jobs, creating great apps and returned to the job he was formerly laid off from.

 Sure at first he was just filling a need for his daughter, but when he realized that he could be filling the needs for many children all over he put it on itunes and thus really began this amazing journey of apps. Ones solely built upon needs, the needs of his daughter but also the needs of so many children everywhere.

When you visit the site and I hope that you do, you will find some really great educational apps but with a fun twist. They aren't just for special needs children either, they are perfect for any child struggling with language, conversations, story building, sentences, and questions.

So here is what is making Kyle Tomson so special right case you aren't part of the great community that is A4cwsn you are missing out. Over 5,000+ community members sharing ideas about apps for children with special needs. It isn't about the giveaways or the great app parties, its about being a part of a community of giving and sharing. BUT coming up we have a great app party one which Kyle Tomson of Mobile Ed Store is going to be reducing prices on some of his apps, and giving Gary some codes to giveaway. Some of which are going to include are the ones for the ipad and ipod/iphone and a new app that we the community have yet to see which is the preposition app! If this app is like the rest of the great ones he's come out with so far we will not be let down!

One last thing I would like to share with you all, and I hope you all share with any teachers you know. There is a education stimulus that schools/teachers can use but it runs out in 5 days!! Please let your teachers know that this is open for them and then send them to Mobile Education Store ! He does a lot for our community, lets get the word out! He wasn't given the first Developer of Distinction award for nothing!

The app party is next week! Running from Sept 30th to Oct. 2nd! It will be hosted right  here by Gary James. With apps from tons of developers either free or at a reduced cost!

Hope to see you there!


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