Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I've just noticed that I must be winning the award for mindless freak this week. The other day I submitted one of my blogs to another blog page and totally blanked out on where I sent it!  Thankfully I got a email with a link to where I sent it and (yea I'm going there) remembered where I sent it. I've sat here everyday in front of my computer playing Farmville and all the other crap apps because I don't want to think. I don't want to think about what happens if I don't get the answers that I need to get Racer the help he needs. After the school is barely giving what is required and their crappy testing that gave him the Dx of "autistic like"....SERIOUSLY WTF IS THAT? How can they say that after UCLA said autism?! I don't understand that, its like his crappy SpEd teacher all over again who told me that it was a parenting problem and not autism. (not even going to go there).

Meanwhile there are like a million other things going on in my house that demand attention like 6 other kids that need food and care. A loved one who's trying to put his book out. My Grandma who got sick and was in the hospital overnight. Seriously I'm not ready for her to go yet, heaven can't have her! She's the most awesome kick ass woman I know next to my mom and of course myself lol. 82 and she's still running around with her GREAT- grandchildren! Who does that anymore? No one I know, and I'd like to keep it that way! I'm not a praying person but for that I will give an AMEN (just not ready)!!

Anyways....back to the mindless. Racer has MORE testing tomorrow, really nervous because what if they say "nah lady your crazy too!" I'm not sure if I'm getting results right after or if I really have to wait a WHOLE FREAKING month before I hear about my sanity yet. If it really is a whole month waiting you can expect more mindless posts from me. Maybe I should be lining up some guests lol.


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