Monday, November 29, 2010

On some days I can't tell if autism has ruined us or made us a closer family....I think there are days when the YuckMouths want out of the insanity. I look back to the days before we knew and all we were was a strange loud family. But now there are days when nothing makes sense and only the insanity of it all seems the most normal part of who we are.

So who are we? I guess it really should be the nine YuckMouths and Autism but Mommy YuckMouth and Daddy YuckMouth are only part of the story. There are seven wonderfully loud, loving, and incredible YuckMouths....the things they would do for each other and to each other are the story I want to tell. And in all of it is the Autism. If you were to walk into my house all the stories I tell would seem like lies, my YM tend to behave the most when company is present, even if its family. My YM's know their manners, they know how to behave, its the one thing that I have been able to instill in them since the beginning....well mostly daddy YM. lol he's also the reason that we are the YuckMouths to begin with. A loving term given us by my SIL....who also helped name one of the YM's.

So here it is and where it will begin....the story of the YuckMouths. The in's and out's of our life with Autism. How its changed us for the better and worse......Enjoy


Unknown said...

I can't wait to follow this one. It almost sounds like my house but just Mommy and four.

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